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AED 7000 automatic defibrillator has 3 stages of defibrillation and a protective lock of unintentional defibrillation, while it allows the review of previous incidents using a computer. It has a two-phase cut-off exponential output waveform, with energy sequence 150, 150, 200J and resistance range 20Ω.

  • Output Waveform: Biphasic energy output
  • Output energy sequence: 150, 150, 200J
  • Resistance range: 20Ω to 20Ω
  • Charging time: 8 sec to 150J / 10 sec to 200J (new battery)
  • Analysis time: 9 sec
  • Audio instructions: 22 audio messages
  • Visual instructions: LED
  • Three-step defibrillation process
  • Two-button operation: on / off, shock
  • Maximum output voltage: 1200 ± 50V
  • Output energy accuracy: ± 15% on each resistor from 25 to 175Ω
  • Protective unintentional defibrillation lock
  • Dimensions: 303x219x89mm
  • Device has an internal memory (60 hours) 
  • Supports Greek language
  • Battery life 4 years
  • Defibrillator life 5 years
  • The package contains:
Spare defibrillator electrodes for adults
Defibrillator LiMnO2 battery (battery life of at least 5 years)
Carrying Bag
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