Briovent -U BVU (Adult - Neonatal)

Price : 650,000
Price Includes Shipping

Briovent Ventilator Is Designed Understanding The Needs Of NICU & PICU, The Specially Curated Features Ensures Optimal Usage For The Safe Ventilation Throughout The Therapy. Large Selection Of Modes And Intuitive User Interface Combined With Easy-to-use Design. Configurable Monitoring, Pre-set Profile Options Help Make Decision-making Easier And Aim To Decrease Workload.

Versatile :
Invasive – Non Invasive – O2 Therapy (High Flow Nasal Oxygen Therapy)
State of the art next gen turbine helps deliver seamless flow throughout adult to neonatal patients.
Smart :
Briovent® offers wide selection of ventilation modes across all patient types, apart of conventional modes
Advance modes e.g. PRVC, PRVC SIMV, MMV, APRV, BIPHASIC Etc.
Non Invasive ventilation with variety of modes and automatic leakage compensation
O2 Therapy – High Flow Oxygen Therapy for adult, pediatric and neonatal all patients.
Breathe by breathe data of lung mechanics C stat, C dyn, Ri, RSBI, RC exp, RC insp, PTP, P0.1 & PEEP intrinsic
Waveforms, Loops, Color Coded Priority Alarms, Maneuver for insp/exp hold, int. PEEP, P 0.1 etc.
Builtin Volume Compensated nebulizer
High Pressure & Low Flow Oxygen input
Dynamic :
Briovent® is Dynamic – Simple, yet extensive
4 hour internal battery back for emergency power outages and filed usages
Pressure sigh and Volume sigh for comfort of your patient
Active highly responsive metallic autoclavable exhalation valve
Dynamic safety valve
Dynamic setting limits of parameters
Intuitive user interface with easy navigation through different screens.
User selectable flow sensor position – Distal (Adult/pediatric) or Proximal (Adult, Pediatric, Neo)
Lung Recruitment Maneuver :
Lung Recruitment Maneuver is an automatic maneuver, plotted loop can be used for assessment through 2 cursors, vital information can be assessed e.g. Inflection points, clossing pressure etc. Displyed basic parameters helps constant monitoring while maneuver.
Benefits :
Increase Lung Compliance
Reduced Intrapulmonary shunt
Improved Gas Exchange
Dynamic Pressure Support on breathe by breathe basis
Minimises asynchrony between ventilator & patient
Improves gas exchange
Decrease WOB of patient
Can be set along with Tube Compensation (TC)
Neonatal :
Briovent® offers extensive modes in invasive and non invasive ventilation of neonatal patients e.g. PC AC, SIMV, PRVC, PRVC SIMV,MMV, CPAP, APRV, BIPHASIC …..O2 therapy (HFNC)
It’s precision low flow delivery makes it unique among many ventilators. It is excellent in monitoring tiny tidal volumes for small babies.
Dynamic safety valve makes briovent® a safer choice for neonatal patients. Doctor has control over maximum pressure by setting up high P peak limit. Dynamic safety valve of briovent® ensures pressure release above that point.


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