Schiller Graphnet Ts Adult to Pediatric Ventilator

Price : 970,000
Price Includes Shipping

  • Neonatal ventilation is available as option (installed or retrofit)
  • 12.1″ TFT- LED colour touchscreen display to view waveforms & loops simultaneously
  • Tidal Volume correction according to BTPS leak compensation in all modes
  • Altitude and circuit compliance compensation with Leakage Compensation possible in all modes
  • Advanced modes like APRV, MMV+ Pressure Support, PSV+ assured Volume
  • PRVC – Pressure Regulated Volume Control, SIMV (PRVC)+ PSV, VSV

Product Name : Schiller Graphnet ts Ventilator & Neonate Ventilator
Patient Age Group : Neonatal, Adult, Paediatric
Mounting Type :  ICU
Flow Triggered : 0.2-15 L/min
Air Pressure : 3.5-7 bar (approx. 50-100 psi
Controlled Pressure (PCV) : 2-100 cm H2O
Support Pressure (PSV) : 0-100 cm H2O
Working pressure :  2.8 bar (approx. 40 psi
Pressure Triggered :  0.5-20 cm H2O
Display Type : Touchscreen
Screen Size : 12 inch
Power Source  :  Electric
Ventilation Mode APRV, MMV+ Pressure Support, PSV + assured Volume
Optional : 
Neonatal Ventilation with special modes available
AVA – Adaptive Ventilatory Assistance
SBT – Spontaneous Breathing Trial and Stress Index
Oxygen Index PaFi
High Flow Oxygen Therapy (HFOT/ HFNC)
Capnography (Mainstream) – Curves of CO2 / Time and 2 Volumetric Capnography (CO2 / VT), Measurements of EtCO2 Alveolar Ventilation, Dead Space, CO2 Elimination  (VCO2 ), VD / VT Ratio, CO2 expired volume (VTCO2 )
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