Vivo Breas 3 Transport Ventilator

Price : 380,000
Price Includes Shipping

The Vivo 3 is a new generation bi-level ventilator designed for personalized and comfortable respiratory support to both non-invasive and invasive  for non-dependent patients with chronic breathing insufficiency.The intuitive interface ensure sease of use.A comprehensive set of modes and extensive monitoring capabilities allow for great flexibility, making theventilator a perfect choice for a variety of patients.

Ventilation Modes : S, ST, T, PSV, PCV+A, CPAP, HFNT
Adult/Peadiatric :  >10kg
Profiles :  3 settable profiles
IPAP :  4 - 40 cmH2O
EPAP:  2 - 20 cm H2O
Breath Rate/Back-up Rate : 0-40 bpm
Inspiratory Time :  0.3 - 3s
Rise Time : Auto, 1 - 9
Inspiratory Trigger:  Auto, 1 - 9
Expiratory Trigger:  Auto, 1 - 9
Minimum Inspiratory Time :  Off, 0.3 - 3 s
Maximum Inspiratory Time : Off 0.3 - 3 s
Target Volume : 100 – 1500 ml
Auto-EPAP : On/Off,  Pressure Limit: Max EPAP +2 cmH2O – 40 cmH2O, PS 2-38cm
Min/Max EPAP: 2 - 20 cmH2O, EPAP Step: 0.5 - 2 cmH2O, Relax Time: 2-12 mins/Off
HFNT:  4-60L/min
Ramp (Up/Down) Off 10-60mins
Humidifier Integrated Humidifier (Optional): , Off, Level 1-5
Heated Circuit :  Off, Level 1-5, Optional
Patient Circuit :  15mm, 22mm, Custom
O2 Bleed in (Device):  0-30L/min


Displayed data - Ppeak, EPAP, Leakage, MVe, Vte, %in TgV, Total Rate, I:E, Spont Rate, %Spont, Insp Time, Rise Time, SpO2
Mains supply - 100 to 240 V AC
External DC - 24 V DC
Alarms - High Pressure, Low Pressure, High Breath Rate, Low Breath Rate, High MV, Low MV, Rebreathing, Disconnection, High EPAP, Low EPAP, Obstruction, Apnea, Low Pulse Rate, High Pulse Rate, Low SpO2, High SpO2
W x H x D - 166 x 185 x 200 mm
Weight - 1.8 kg
Noise level (at 10 cmH2O constant pressure) - 27.8dB(A)
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